The Micasa

Is the place designed by a retired air force officer and a wooden painting teacher. They insist to create and provide a romantic, elegant and stylish place. Mi casa is a Spanish word (means "My home"). We hope to have a real, calm and graceful life. We wish you to relax, enjoy and experience the happiness of life, so as to achieve the slowness and peacefulness others admired. Mi casa welcomes you to be back with the love for the family.

I am JiaoTang

I am a Taurus poodle girl.

I moved to Yilan from Tainan for almost 6 years. I am energetic and cute. I am the best PR in Mi casa. Customers love to play with me. I do not bark or bite. I always keep clean and go to spa once a week awaiting for your arrival. I wish to see you all in Mi casa. I love to accompany you but you cannot bring my friends along. We can play in the living room but not in your room because Daddy wish to provide a clean place for you to stay. Thank you!

The BnB by a retired air force


Building Design

The whole building of Mi casa is designed by Mia (the hostess) who claimed she was a European before because she loves the art and buildings of Europe. Every single item in Mi casa is created or chosen by Mia. Mi casa is not a place with gorgeous appearance, instead, is a romantic, elegant and stylish place. We wish for your arrival to experience.